Day camps – Camps in January

NEW! Day camps now available also in English.


Tiedekoulu arranges popular day camps in Espoo and Helsinki during the school holidays! Day camps are held from 9 am to 3 pm. At lunchtime, the children eat lunch they bring from home on the premises of Tiedekoulu. In the afternoon, Tiedekoulu offers a snack. There is a recommended age for day camps according to the camp theme, but this is only a recommendation as the name implies! Participants in programming camps need to bring a laptop with them. We have a few loanable laptops, ask for more info if needed!


A day camp is formed when a minimum of four children have registered for the camp. A confirmation text will appear on the registrant's screen for the successful submission of the registration. We will confirm the camps with a separate email when the camp has a min. 4 participants, no later than one week before the scheduled time of the camp we will confirm/cancel the camp. Camp registration is binding. Camp participation must be cancelled no later than 7 days before the camp.


At day camps, we prepare to follow more stringent hygiene and safety distance guidelines than usual. Unnecessary physical contact is avoided and good hand and cough hygiene is maintained. The child attending the day camp must be healthy. We are actively monitoring the corona situation and restrictions.


Christmas holiday week (week 1) day camps in Olari, Espoo.


3rd–4th Jan. (Mon.–Tue.) Robotics day camp -CANCELLED-

5th Jan. (Wed.) Programming day camp -CANCELLED-



1 day = 85  €

2 days = 155  €

3 days = 230 €  

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Tiedekoulu Olari, address  Länsiportti 1 A, Espoo

Tiedekoulu Kallio, address Josafatinkatu 11, 00510 Helsinki 


Descriptions of day camps:



Programming day camp 7–12 years, 1–2 days

The programming camp covers the basics of programming with the help of visual coding applications and practices coding by doing a personal programming project. The programming camp is intended for both beginners and more advanced programmers. The camp teacher guides the children individually based on their previous hobbies and programming experience. Personal laptop needed. Tiedekoulu has 1–2 loan computers that can be rented for the day camp. Ask for more info.



Robotics day camp 7–12 years, 2 or 3 days

At the robotics day camp, children build various mechanical structures from legos, test the programming of the EV3 smart block, and practice building a lego structure around the smart block. This camp is suitable for both beginners and robotics hobby group members. 

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