Fascinating voyage into science and technology

Fascinating voyage into science and technology

Fascinating voyage into science and technology

Become inspired, learn, and discover

Welcome to Tiedekoulu!

Exciting science, mechanics and technology hobby groups and camps for children of all ages!

Children are born with natural curiosity. Activities that involve experimentation, discovery and hands-on work are great ways to teach children STEM subjects; science, technology, engineering and math. 

We at Tiedekoulu have developed a theme-based curriculum in the fields of programming, natural science and robotics which are also our learning paths. Children can start already at the age of 4 in our groups. We have advanced groups available for up to 17-year-olds. In our hobby groups, children gain profound knowledge and skills of the learning path.

Teachers at Tiedekoulu are all trained professionals in their fields. They practise a learner-centred, inclusive approach that supports and challenges each child. Children pursue their interests and passions and reflect on their learning. 

Educating children in STEM prepares them for life regardless of the profession they choose - children learn problem-solving skills, analytical and logical thinking, creativity and persistence. May sound boring, but it's not - children love learning, experimenting and hands-on practical working. We already arrange science and technology education in dozens of locations throughout Finland. Our team of teachers consists of over 40 scientists, programmers, engineers and educators. We have over thousand children each semester attending our groups and camps. Join us and let the fun learning begin!

Learning paths

Programming, Robotics and Science

Insightful Programming

For the coder of the future who is enthusiastic about programming! You will accelerate and develop your skills in the exciting world of coding and information technology.

Immersive Robotics

Compelling and educational moments in engineering! Choose from Robotics groups of different levels, where you dive into the secrets of mechanics.

Fascinating Science

Rewarding learning journey into the intriguing world of natural sciences! In our Science group, you study the phenomena of the sciences.

Key facts

Hobby groups

Level groups, academic year and semester

Tiedekoulu activities are held in Finnish.

The hobby groups follow Tiedekoulu's curriculum. An academic year is divided into level groups of two semesters. After studying semesters 1 and 2, the student can move to the next level. For example, Robotics 1 includes semesters 1lk1 and 1lk2, after which the student moves to Robotics 2, and so on.

Hobby group lessons

The semester of contact and guided online lessons includes 15 lessons held once a week.

In contact learning, the duration of the hobby is about 60 minutes, except for Mini- and Tutkijakerho (Mini-, Science groups) about 45 minutes and Makerspace about 90 minutes. The session of guided online lessons is about 60 min.


Registration for the Tiedekoulu hobby groups is done via an online form. Registration for the new academic year starts in April-May. The available seats are presented on the online form. Registration is done for the entire academic year (autumn and spring semester). Those who started in the autumn do not need to register separately for the spring semester. Registration is confirmed by automatic email. The autumn semester fee is invoiced upon registration. The spring semester fee is invoiced at the beginning of December. Käyttöehdot (terms of use)

Places are reserved in order of registration and registration is binding. The tuition fee is not refunded during the term if the student drops out or does not participate in the hobby.

If the student does not continue in the hobby group in the spring semester or wants to switch to another study path, notify us by e-mail at info@tiedekoulu.fi by the end of November (November 30).

New basic groups also start in the spring semester and registration for these opens in November. Those who start the hobby in the spring register only for the spring semester and the tuition fee is invoiced upon registration. It is also possible to join some of the continuation groups in the spring semester if there are places in the group and the student has the necessary skills.

Tuition fees

Autumn 275 € + spring 275 € = academic year 550 €

Mini- ja Robottikerho (Minirobotics and Robotics)
Mini- ja Tutkijakerho (Miniscience and Science)
Koodikoulu (Programming)
Syventävä Unity (Advanced Unity)
ohjattu verkko-opetus (guided online lessons)

Autumn 310 € + spring 310 € = academic year 620 €

Animaatiokerho (Animation)
Digitaalinen piirtäminen (Digital drawing)
Pelihahmonsuunnittelu (Game character design)

The academic year of Tiedekoulu consists of the autumn and spring semesters. The tuition fee is invoiced every semester separately.


Tiedekoulu does not have insurance for the children. The guardian may obtain comprehensive insurance for voluntary hobby activities. Tiedekoulu's instructor's responsibility for the student is limited to the time of the hobby.

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